We won North West Wedding Photographers of the year!

We won an award!  We’re really chuffed about it too 🙂 To be more specific we won the title of North West regional winner at the 2014 Wedding Industry Awards.  This is purely down to our amazing couples who voted for us and said nice things, which gives us a warm glow in our hearts!...

Bertie the bump update!

Our little man (Albert), has been growing a treat over the last few months. With just over 4 weeks to go I thought it was about time for an update! We’ve posted lots of pictures over on our personal blog:


A delightful little fellow arrived in the post this week, I just had to share him with you. Such an amazing gift, words fail me.

6 years ago, we got married!

Our wedding day was wonderful. I laughed, I cried, I drank champagne. I wore a pretty dress and chatted to my favourite people. I danced, I ate bacon butties and kissed my love hundreds of times.

Bertie the bump in France

I am loving being pregnant.  Our little Bertie bump is 24 weeks now, and I’m feeling constant wriggles and kicks, it’s wonderful!  Here are some pictures we took at 20 weeks while we were in France (not drinking wine or eating cheese, very odd!). A mixture of 5D mkIII + 50mm f1.2 and Contax 645...

France on Film

We went to Burgundy in July, so I could quietly turn 30 in the sunshine. We took some pictures on our Contax 645 (with Porta 400, and Fuji 400H if you’re wondering. Scanned by the lovely folks at UK Film Lab).     Here’s my America’s next Top Model face 🙂

Baby Lawson

We’re having a baby! It’s the most wonderful and exciting adventure; we thought it was about time we told the world! Baby Lawson is due to appear at the end of November, so we’re over half way to having our world turned upside down (and we CAN”T WAIT!!).

Jen’s birthday trip to London

We whisked my big sister Jen to London to celebrate her birthday. We walked (a LOT!), we ate, we soaked up the sun and most importantly we went to see A Chorus Line. This was our all time favourite film growing up (which may have something to do with us both doing degrees in dance!), so I knew it would be the perfect birthday surprise 🙂

Josh’s Half Birthday!

Today we celebrated our lovely nephew Josh turning seven and a half.  He was born on Christmas Day, and if there’s one thing you don’t fancy after Christmas dinner it’s a big chocolate birthday cake! Josh is funny, energetic, thoughtful, caring and expressive.  We’re very proud of the lovely young man he’s becoming 🙂

2012 – In a nutshell

In all honesty 2012 is a bit of a blur.

We photographed a bagillion wonderful people. We drove thousands of miles in our little mini. We laughed a lot. We saw more of the world. We ran. We ate a lot of cheese. We spent hours by the fire watching films. We lost weight. We snuggled. We read books. We hoped it wouldn’t rain.

London baby

We went to London last weekend and had a fun few days catching up with folk.

I would like to thank Apple (for the iPhone), Canon (for the 5D mk3), and Oyster (for the moves), without whom this post would not have been possible.

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