Happy Wednesday to me!

Since the beginning of time I have wanted a Tilt Shift lens…ok so that’s a little dramatic, but it’s been at least a few years.  The great thing about being married to a fellow photography geek is that he understands my constant need for new toys, and he surprised me by finally ordering the thing...

A cuppa with George + an update on our house move

This afternoon I had tea and cake with George who is 6 weeks old (and very advanced for his age).  His mum Liv kindly drove him over to see us, she is a great chauffeur I must say. I am an excellent pillow In other news we have now put down the paint brushes (temporarily)...

The 2 week makeover challenge

We have been M.I.A for a few weeks while we manically try to decorate our new house before moving day (Thursday), so apologies to everyone who has had snail like responses to their emails! Dads ROCK! We just stood around drinking tea and watched in awe as my dad ripped out the kitchen 🙂


Last week we drove down to London to visit Pete’s bro, meet up with a bunch of photographers from around the country, and generally have some fun!  Here are some snaps of our trip, taken on a 5D mkII, a Canon G9 and an iphone with the Hipstamatic app 🙂 Yes, Pete is in fact...

Second Shooting With Tobiah Tayo – Lindsey + Roy

Tobiah’s girlfriend, and usual assistant, was ill and unable to make it to this wedding (a photographer’s worst nightmare!), but us wedding photographers are a surprisingly friendly lot and we’re always willing to help each other out so I was very happy to volunteer. It been about 5 years since I last had the chance...

Lawsons about town

This week I took some pictures of Pete…     …then I bought some lipstick… …then I resumed my position on the ‘reading chair’… Good times!

Rock my rainy day

Last weekend we spent a lovely (and rather rainy) day with the gals behind fabulous wedding blog Rock My Wedding.  We are such massive fans of this site; it’s full of inspirational stuff for people planning their big day; it’s even great for those who are already married and just like pretty things and make...


Taking random pictures is fun.  We have been spending lots of time at home recently, which is something we love. I am always drawn to our cat Puddington as a subject because he is beautiful and endlessly fascinating.  He’s like a teddy bear that can move; he squeaks when he lands from a great height...

Day off!

Pete and I can’t play some games together, if one of us is a lot better at it than the other it ends in tantrums (I am referring here mainly to badminton – Pete is a LOT better than me, it is very upsetting!).  We both love bowling however, and luckily we are almost always...

Art Books

Soon we will be changing our album options and introducing the gorgeous new Folio Albums.  Staying with us in the transition is the fabulous Art Book, made in the U.S.A with lovely fine art paper and photographic covers.  We love these albums, they are extremely pretty; we are overcome with excitement every time the postman...

Lunch with the Randalls

We had a lovely lunch last week with fellow photographers ‘The Randalls’.  Stewart is feverishly working on Folio Albums, which we’re really excited about being able to show you in the next few months!  Based in the UK, beautiful real leather (no pleather or bonded leather here!), fine art paper – I can’t see how...

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma!

My grandma turned 80 today and we had a wonderful time this weekend celebrating!  As it’s our new hobby, we made a video of Saturday evening’s festivities.  So enjoy if you’re feeling nosey! 80 Years Young from Peter Lawson on Vimeo.

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