A delightful little fellow arrived in the post this week, I just had to share him with you.  Such an amazing gift, words fail me.


“Dear Mr & Mrs Lawson,

I trust I find you well.

I have been on a fairly long journey after spending the summer in Bournemouth.  I have had a lovely time collecting shells, paddle-boarding and geo-caching…it’s been quite exhausting!

However, the weather has turned considerably.  Its far too cold to be wandering around near the seaside.

I have been informed there may be a vacancy for me at your residence.  I have always wanted to live in a nursery and hope you will consider me for this position.  I really love spending time with children.  I have always wanted to live with a little boy as I love talking about boy things such as boats, planes and astronomy.  I am not fussed on girls things other than baking biscuits.

I don’t remember much about where I came from.  My first memory is finding a nice shell on the beach!  Nor do I remember my name.  You are welcome to give me one.

I am a bit frightened about being in a washing machine.  However, if I ever do need to go in one I would probably be ok if I was in a cloth bag.

Thank you and I look forward to my future with you and your little boy.




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