we are the lawsons

We’re driven to create beautiful, emotive images that capture the joy and laughter of a wedding day. We believe wedding pictures shouldn't just be about the bride and groom, they should also be about the special people you've chosen to invite to this amazing day.

We don't create moments, you do!

A wedding is about the people, the party, the atmosphere you've created. Our favourite images are always those happy accidents where life does its magic just for a moment and we're ready to capture it.

Documentary wedding photographers

We love unstaged moments. We don't interfere with events unfolding before us. We're obsessed with gorgeous natural photographs. That's mostly what we do.


But we also love a few minutes with you guys. We get too excited when we spot a fabulous location, or amazing light. We're even more thrilled when our couples put their trust in us to act on our impulses and accept that the corner of a construction site might be an awesome place for pictures where we can all giggle like kids.




Adlington, Lancashire
United Kingdom