we are Pete + Laura

We've been capturing people laughing their heads off (at weddings) since 2005. The images we create are about real feelings, not posing for hours. Well, we might ask you snuggle in the bushes for a couple of minutes, but that's perfectly normal behaviour right?


Two time winners of best photographers in the north west (yay us!). Our work has taken us all over the world and has been featured in many publications. So, if you want pretty pictures and you don't want a million group shots, get in touch.

It's not all about the dress

Or the shoes, or all the beautiful decorations. Obviously we capture these - we're not immune to their charms. But at its heart, a wedding is about the people, the party, the atmosphere you've created. Our favourite images are always those moments between people where life is just a little bit more awesome.

Documentary wedding photographers

We love unstaged moments. We don't interfere with events unfolding before us. We're obsessed with gorgeous natural photographs. That's mostly what we do.


But we also love a few minutes with you guys. We get too excited when we spot a fabulous location, or amazing light. We're even more thrilled when our couples put their trust in us to act on our impulses and accept that the corner of a construction site might be an awesome place for pictures where we can all giggle like kids.



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Adlington, Lancashire
United Kingdom