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Hi there! We’re Pete and Laura, and we're wedding photographers based in Adlington, Lancashire.


We love taking beautiful photographs of joyous people as they throw the biggest party of their lives. Natural and fun images are our thing. We blend in with your guests and capture all the special moments that will happen at your wedding (with a bit of artistic flair!).


We’ve photographed over 700 weddings all over the world (always up for a destination wedding!), and are constantly amazed that this is our job. When we’re not shooting weddings we’re mostly walking in the forest near our cosy cottage, where we live with our smaller human Albert, our cat Hugo, and our newly adopted dog Trudy.

Real Moments

For us, it's not about the dress, the shoes, or even all the beautiful decorations.


We believe that what makes a wedding special is the people, your people. A wedding brings all your most important friends and family together for a massive celebration - this is a pretty unique event in anyone's life, full of touching and funny moments.


It's capturing these moments which results in our best wedding photographs. Walking through a meadow with the person you love leads to beautiful pictures, but we're also looking to capture meaningful photographs at your wedding.

We love grandparents holding hands, friends giggling with each other before the ceremony starts, people laughing out loud during the speeches, mums and dads getting emotional throughout the day, and the thrill and relief you feel walking down the aisle after finally getting married.


We want to capture moments no one notices and let them live on forever. We want you to be able to look through your wedding pictures and see that your day was somehow even better than you remember, even more full of joy and love.

wedding photographers for people who don't want to pose All Day

Let's face it, your wedding is already filled with amazing moments. Enough to keep us busy all day! But when the time comes for a few portraits, we keep them quick, and we keep them fun.


Fifteen minutes is plenty of time, we'll keep it moving and we'll keep it relaxed. Personally, we don't gaze romantically into each other eyes, or regularly stare off into the distance ever so wistfully. So we won't make you do this either.


If you don't want any portraits, we won't make you have them. If you want more (or much more) than this, that's fine too.


As for group shots, we know almost everyone wants a few. We recommend not having more than 10 different groups, or you might end up waiting around a little (there's always someone that has run off to the bar!).

We've been photographing weddings since 2005 - we're pretty good at this, we don't need to pose you for hours to get some banging portraits.


Two time winners of Best Photographers in the North West, and now judges for The Wedding Industry Awards. Our work has taken us all over the world and has been featured in many publications. So, if you want beautiful pictures but don't want a million posey group shots, get in touch.

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