ABOUT Pete & Laura

We are Pete and Laura. We love each other, weddings and coffee. We’ve been married for fifteen years and live in a wonky cottage in Lancashire with our rambunctious cats and adorable son (he's very cute). We like walks through woods, binging netflix, holidays, and making oddly low calorie meals (cauliflower rice anyone?). If we won the lottery we wouldn’t tell anyone. So we might have, you wouldn’t know.


We’ve been shooting weddings since 2005, travelling all around the globe to places such as Morocco, Australia, Italy, Spain, France, as well as up and down the entire length of the UK. We’ve won awards, we’ve judged awards, we’ve given talks to hundreds of people at conferences. We feel so lucky to do a job that lets us do all these things!


Pete & Laura


Adlington, Lancashire
United Kingdom