What’s better than surprise cookies in the post?! Thank you so much Janine and Scott! xxx

New Video – About the Lawsons

We are currently working on a little website/blog revamp (something a little more ipad generation compatible) and I decided to make a little video to go in the ‘about us’ section .  Rather than a glossy promo video we have gone for a cobbled together selection of home movie footage 🙂  Special thanks to Fazackarley...


We love Folio Albums.  Today they sent us cookies.  WE LOVE FOLIO ALBUMS!!!! Thanks for brightening up our morning Randalls xxx

Family snaps

My big sister along with my niece and nephew are visiting the UK at the moment (they live in Qatar), so we’ve been doing lots of fun things and catching up.  Today I papped them at Grandma and Granddads house… I know I’m biased but she is so CUTE! Pete had fun playing with the...

George’s Christening

Yesterday we scooted over to All Hallows Church in Mitton to see our favourite 9 month old get baptised. Isn’t he cute? He was paying attention! Done and dusted! Hi-fiving the vicar 🙂 Yum! What a cutey pie 🙂 x


Oh how I love Christmas!  Our plans were almost scuppered by an attack of the flu, but we managed to fight it off just in time for santa 🙂 We made Christmas dinner for the first time (in order to christen our new house) which was actually really enjoyable and if I do say so...


What happens when three photographers hang out on a Saturday night?  They get great ideas like buying a selection of torches and heading into a field in the minus five degree frost to run around like idiots… S for Simon If you’re going to try this, check your tripod has all its bits before you...

The Fazasons

Remember that time we had a portrait shoot in Brighton?  Well the guy who papped us was our buddy Simon Fazackarley, and he came to hang out recently (and see if he could develop his ability to understand northern accents). We kicked off the weekend at the RMW gathering, with mojitos and nattering until 3am...

Having an Epiphanie

I am obsessed with handbags.  Mulberry, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and now you can add Epiphanie to that list.  So often I have thought to myself “I wish there was a camera bag which looks like a regular handbag”, but I could never find one pretty enough.  Until now that is. While my regular camera bag...

Baby it’s cold outside

Best get the fire on! Despite his moody face, Pete actually loves making fires! See! Rather than being obvious and taking pictures of the lit fire, here’s little Puddington.  Cute isn’t he?


Christmas has arrived early at Lawson HQ.  Yesterday we got sweets, today we got tea!  I’m going to bitterly disappointed when the postman just gives me bills tomorrow aren’t I? The label says ‘Lord Peter and Lady Laura Lawson’ 🙂


This jar of sugary goodness turned up on our doorstep today, how awesome?!  We are (literally) like kids in a sweet shop 🙂

ABOUT Pete + Laura

Naturally drawn to expressions of laughter and love. The Lawsons are award winning wedding photographers.


Based in Lancashire and travelling all over the UK capturing gorgeous weddings.


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