Wedding at Home

James & Sarah’s Country Wedding

We adored this action packed fun fest of a wedding day. A big part of this being a festival of fun was the presence of their very own fun fair. A fun fair at a wedding? How can we make this happen at all weddings!? A little trip on the dodgems after dinner, this is...

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Lydia & Carlo’s Wedding Party

A wedding without a wedding! Lydia & Carlo had already tied the knot (at a wedding so small that we were the witnesses!!), but they still wanted to get all their friends and family together for a proper celebration last summer at Carlo’s parent’s house in Scotland. Carlo constructed his very own smoker to prepare...

Courtney & Adam’s Wedding in Lincolnshire

This was an amazing wedding!  Courtney is an awesome wedding photographer (, and Adam is very cool sound engineer – so they’ve both been to enough parties to know how to throw a great one themselves.  Everything was chilled, relaxed, and there was a coffee station set up from the moment guests arrived at the...

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