Jen’s birthday trip to London

We whisked my big sister Jen to London to celebrate her birthday. We walked (a LOT!), we ate, we soaked up the sun and most importantly we went to see A Chorus Line. This was our all time favourite film growing up (which may have something to do with us both doing degrees in dance!), so I knew it would be the perfect birthday surprise 🙂

London baby

We went to London last weekend and had a fun few days catching up with folk.

I would like to thank Apple (for the iPhone), Canon (for the 5D mk3), and Oyster (for the moves), without whom this post would not have been possible.

London Baby!

Last weekend we went to London. For the first time ever we went on the train; no weddings, no meetings, no car full of camera stuff. Just me, my love, my new 5D3 and some friends to meet when we got there (Emma and Ian – the Big Bouquet crew!).

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