It’s probably best that we’re open about this from the start. We know it’s not cool, and we try to hide it in public – it’s just not the kind of thing you should admit to strangers on the internet. The thing is, we’re secretly quite sentimental.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not soppy and cheesy. We do hold hands in the street but we’re not big on PDAs. But weddings are a different kettle of fish. When a dad sees his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time and sheds a little tear, or we see grandparents having a little moment during the reception, the groom buying his head in his hands during the best man’s speech… we can’t help but feel a little tug on the heart strings. It’s these moments you don’t see in day to day life, they happen behind closed doors, but they show people as they really are.

Sure, we can’t help but ‘ooooh’ over an awesome cake, or pretty decorations. But they’re not enough to get us out of bed in the morning. What keeps us so excited about photographing weddings (and after shooting over 350 of them, we still are), is finding those moments that resonate with us – the moments that make us, and hopefully you, feel something.

Now, given the aforementioned sentimentality, we’re possibly reading too much into all the little looks, laughter, the hugging and the kissing… that we see everywhere at weddings. But we don’t think so. When a couple welcomes us into lives for a day, and allows us to document all those precious relationships in their lives, we consider it absolutely necessary to be emotionally invested, to see what they are feeling, and make beautiful pictures that mean that they are never forgotten.

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