Rachel & Alex’s Wedding at Iscoyd Park

We love these guys, we laughed so much all day, well apart from Alex – he loves the deep smouldering look.

This was our first visit to the lovely Iscoyd Park, which is gorgeous, and always sunny I believe. The day started with the boys all playing football, rugby, and some kind of rounders on the lawn – not the usual start to a wedding I’ll grant you, but lots of fun all the same. Rachel was busy getting ready, and getting a little emotional, until the ceremony when she had to be strong for a very emotional Alex (stop trying to hide it!).

Capturing the whole day on film was the brilliant Adam Wing, who definitely didn’t knock over the seating plan, or, as Rachel put it, ‘ruined the wedding’ (she was kidding… we think). Dress by Caroline Castigliano and shoes by Jimmy Choo.

All in all, a fantastic wedding! Here are some of our favourites:


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