Rachael & Paul Portraits

We were so excited to finally meet Rachael and Paul.  They’ve been planning their wedding (which is happening soon!) from Paris, where they’ve been living for a few years, so although we’ve waved over Skype we were yet to see their lovely smiley faces in real life 🙂

We wandered around a park demonstrating our excellent knowledge of trees and then had cake. Good times.

Rachael_Paul0010 Rachael_Paul0014 Rachael_Paul0016 Rachael_Paul0018 Rachael_Paul0030 Rachael_Paul0032 Rachael_Paul0051 Rachael_Paul0067 Rachael_Paul0069 Rachael_Paul0077 Rachael_Paul0086 Rachael_Paul0096 Rachael_Paul0101 Rachael_Paul0114 Rachael_Paul0115 Rachael_Paul0119 Rachael_Paul0129

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