Helen & Terry’s Family Portraits at Formby Beach

We shot Helen & Terry’s wedding 7 years ago, back before we even had a blog.  Sometimes it amazes me that we’ve been doing this for so long!  Their beautiful little family has now grown and it seemed like the perfect time to get a few family portraits in.

As they know Formby pretty well, they took us to a part of the beach we’d never seen before, it’s possibly even nicer than the National Trust part just down the road (and the parking was free!).

Anyway, here are some of our favourites:

2014-12-05_001 2014-12-05_002 2014-12-05_003 2014-12-05_004 2014-12-05_005 2014-12-05_006 2014-12-05_007 2014-12-05_008 2014-12-05_009 2014-12-05_010 2014-12-05_011 2014-12-05_012 2014-12-05_013 2014-12-05_014 2014-12-05_015 2014-12-05_016 2014-12-05_017 2014-12-05_018 2014-12-05_019

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