Adorable Albert

Albert will soon be 14 months old!  He’s very busy working on standing up and shuffling, and is fascinated with all the things we don’t let him play with (laptop, remote controls, Puddington’s tail). Here are some pictures we took of him this morning; if you’d like to look at lots more check out our personal blog

2015-01-22_006 2015-01-22_008 2015-01-22_010 2015-01-22_011 2015-01-22_016 2015-01-22_019 2015-01-22_020 2015-01-22_024 2015-01-22_026 2015-01-22_027 2015-01-22_031 2015-01-22_034 2015-01-22_035 2015-01-22_036 2015-01-22_039

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