Hello there! We are Pete and Laura. We met 14 years ago through a friend at university and bonded over our mutual love of tea. Having such a solid foundation for a lasting relationship, it was no surprise that we got married in August 2007. Like all the best British weddings, it was wonderfully rainy.

We’ve now been married for nine years and live in a wonky little cottage in Lancashire with our brand new human, Albert, and our rambunctious cat, Puddington. We’ve now moved on to coffee – having a kid means tea rarely cuts it anymore.

We’ve now been shooting weddings for 12 years and it turns out we are so damn lucky to have ended up doing this! What could be better than getting to capture people during some of their happiest and proudest moments, at the (usually) biggest party they’ll ever organise?

Photographing weddings was never what we thought we’d end up doing. We were pretty much kids when we started doing this, we didn’t even know it was a job, and we’d never even been to a wedding as guests!

A little more about us. Well, aside from our plans for world domination, we like lighting our log burner, cozying up with a cup of hot chocolate and indulging our addiction to Netflix – we are fully rock and roll.



Laura has a taste for the cosy things in life: a log fire, pyjamas and baking treats in her pretty KitchenAid. She probably has more pyjamas than clothes, it’s kind of becoming a problem.



Pete is mainly there to model the countless knits that Laura dresses him in. When not being saved from a lifetime spent in dull sweaters, he can be found playing with anything shiny and vaguely technical, while drinking red wine because he once read it was good for you.



A big fan of giggling, running riot, marshmallows, and generally keeping us busy. Not a massive fan of morning lie-ins. Still extremely cute.



Our original child. Will snooze on anything or anyone. Has never been fed, apparently.